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2019 Top 21 Latest Senator Design Styles For Men

senator design styles for men

If you are looking for traditional native wears for men and you don’t feel like trying out our Agbada styles, then the latest senator designs for naija men is perfect for you as a man.

If you’re in need of  some awesome senator designs specifically for men, you’re in the right place to get the best style. We had earlier talked about latest shoes men can wear for every occasion and also 20 latest Ankara styles for women.

The Senator wear is a wear all Nigerian men will love to have, there is
nothing there to hate. It is a classy dress, easy and versatile.

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to dress smartly in the popular Nigerian senator wear.

From Senator suit styles to more complex styles with various colors printed
on  plain cloth.

The Senator Men’s dress can be in form of long sleeved or short sleeved for
with  a variety of colors to make a
choice from as well as well tailored designs to suggest to your tailor. It can
be worn along with classy looking slides, sandals or shoes. It all depends on
how the occasion you are attending is. you can also use hat.

Defensibly, the senator cloth has become popular more than the Agbada and buba. Senators style are more common now and suit all stature and body size.

Although both the Agbada and senators style share one thing in common; both of them were made common by the bigwigs in the Nigerian capital which is Abuja.

If you love doing online shopping, there is probability that you know your style already before now. men styles like these should be size sensitive and it won’t speak well if you end up ordering for a style that doesn’t even fit your body properly. 

You probably have a tailor that sews your cloth, or fashion designers. If you have a tailor,  go to him/her and tell them to measure you and give you the measurements. they will probably do that for you.

Important notice; Whenever you are placing order
online always add +1 to your size. For example, if you want to order a pair of
trousers and your normal waist size is 33, kindly get 34. This can be of help
to eliminate the problem of the cloth you bought not fitting you properly.

There is nothing more annoying than seeing a handsome gentleman wearing wrinkled cloth. when you are going out take sometimes to iron your dress, especially the traditional wear, and if you are a busy type give it to the dry cleaner to iron it for you.

To complete your dressing and to look more handsome in your senators design get a wrist watch or a wrist bracelet. and if you have a purse (man purse) or wallet make use of it. it will make you look more attractive.


2019 Top 20 Latest Senator Design Styles For Men


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