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5 Effective Ways To Improve Traffic To Your Blog

Starting a blog is easy. I mean, there are quite a handful of platforms that can help you achieve that. WordPress and Blogger being the most sort after, anybody can just log in, create a blog and voila, a new blog has surfaced.

But here’s the thing. It doesn’t just end there. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Frankly, it isn’t just creating a blog that matters. It’s sustaining it. Thousands of blogs are created everybody. But at the same time, thousands of blogs are abandoned every day.

Basically, there are two ways you can get traffic to your blog; free and paid.

If paid traffic is what you want to indulge in, great! However, here’s the thing. You probably would need to keep pumping in money to sustain the traffic. Thankfully, that’s not exactly the case of free traffic. Personally, I would advise any serious minded blogger to engage in both. Especially if your blog is focused on a niche people would love to read. Example would be fashion, entertainment etc.

For the sake of this content, let’s stick with the free method. This tends to last longer and pays off on the long run. Shall we?

If before now, you’ve done a couple of researches in regards the subject matter, you’d mostly have seen people say ‘Content is King’.

Frankly, that’s true. But really, who’s going to be reading your content if you do not get traffic? After posting a number of ‘quality contents’ on your blog, it’s about time you go out there and do some publicity. And that’s where these tips come in handy.

So, you run a fashion blog. Great! How about you go out there and comment on other fashion blogs. How about entertainment niche? There are loads of them on the internet. Go out there, drop ‘useful and related’ comments.

The right way in doing this is, usually, there is a website field on most WordPress and Blogger blogs. Make sure to include your blog URL in that field.

In cases where there isn’t, drop a very useful and related comment and at the end, you can include your website link. This way, the author can still choose to publish your comment even if it has your link in it. The idea is to make sure the comment doesn’t look like spam or you are hungry for links. You dig?

There are quite a handful of questions and answer sites on the internet. Some are Yahoo answers, Help.com, answer.com, Quora and a host of others. Search for questions related to your blog niche and try to answer them. If necessary, include a link to your blog as reference. One advice though, do not overdo.

Be moderate with this as most of these sites have the tendency of flagging your account as spam if all you do is promote your link rather than help people. Your answers in terms of relevance should come first.

I know a few bloggers who typically stepped into limelight via a forum. That’s how important a forum can be. Visit some highly sort after forums in your niche, create really interesting and engaging content, and thereafter, drop the direct URL to the content on your blog as the source.


Bear in mind though. Not every forum allows links for First timers. More reason why I said, you should be active in a related forum. Sight for example, you indulge in activities on a forum typically for fashionistas or fashion enthusiasts. If you tend to give very relevant information, ideas and tips, you’d most likely be known amidst the forum members in no time.

With this line crossed, you can choose to start dropping useful contents from your blog to the forum and including the direct URL to the content on your blog to the content on the forum as source. These posts will most likely, not be deleted. Basically because, you serve as an important member of the forum.

Guest posting in 2018 are still very handy. Although not so much blogs still accept guest posts, some still do. Guest posts over the years have not only proven to be a source for additional traffic to a blog, but also for exposure.

All you need do is, reach out to related blogs on your niche who tend to accept guest posts, submit quality content, include your link in the author bio and hope that your guest post gets published.

But here’s the thing with guest posts. Unlike posting in comment sessions, QnA sites and forums which doesn’t have a typical amount of words required, Webmasters would most likely, not accept your post with just 200 words. 300 words in 2018 isn’t even advised. This particular content you are reading is over 1200 words and yes, it’s 100% self written. With Onsite SEO in mind of course.

Point is, do research, get more creative. Make sure you are delivering a very lengthy but quality and engaging content. More so, make sure the content is self written and plagiarism free. If you follow those guidelines, your guest post will most likely, be accepted and published. If you are good at writing without it affecting your blog, you should do guest post often. It’s highly advised.

Believe it or not, most people still read e-books in 2018. Personally, I still buy and read e-books that interest me.

Yes, I said I still BUY. But as a beginner, I am not going to advice that you sell. I would advise you rather write an entry level e-book and offer for free on your blog.

Make sure the e-book is very detailed and of uttermost relevance. Make sure to include your blog URL at the footer session of every page in the e-book. This way, readers would most likely, remember where they got the e-book from and reply to them.

If the e-book is highly relevant, there’s a chance it’d be shared. Personally, I share e-books when I feel it’s relevant and will come in handy for someone I know. Other People will most likely do that. So, be sure the content is lengthy but relevant and engaging. And also, be sure to include your blog link in every page of the eBook. At the footer preferably.

In the future, if you decide to sell a e-book, people will most likely buy because they’ve received free e-books from you and it was highly relevant. Hence, there’s a huge chance the paid e-book will be better. One thing though, make sure you don’t disappoint them.

So, there you have it guys. Those are my top 5 tips to effectively improve traffic to your blog. Now, by improving traffic to your blog, for free, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes to mind. If you follow all the tips above, you’d be on the right track with off-site SEO.

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