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9 Things You Dare Not Do In Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful place. A dream destination for many citizens of the world.

The country has various tourist centres that attract a huge number of tourist annual.

As welcoming and lovely as the country seem, they are certain things you dare not try in Dubai.

You can do all you want outside the border of Dubai, but the moments you step into the country, be cautious of your doings.

Below are things you might do and go scot free in other nations of the world but not Dubai.

1. It’s a crime to swear in Dubai

Dubai Government gives no room for bad or foul language.

If it is established that you swear or use foul language in Dubai, you’re going to be fined $68,000 (#26,044,000). Citizens are liable to jail term and foreigners, deportation.

In 2016, a foreigner was found guilty and was fined.

2. PDA (Public Display of Affection) is not allowed

While you might feel free holding hands with your wife or even, concubine in public, or decide to kiss your partner in Nigeria or other countries, you can’t do that in Dubai.

The least you can do with your wife or husband in public is hold hands (Kissing and hugging between married couples in public is not allowed).

3. Eating in public during Ramadan will land you in jail

While some Muslim women in Nigeria or other Islamic countries, use their menstruation period as an excuse of not fasting, to eat in public.

No one dares to do so in Dubai, except he’s willing to risk being in jail for the whole duration of Ramadan.

4. Listen to loud music is prohibited

It is forbidden to listen to music too loud in Dubai, if do so, your neighbours or onlookers might call the police on you.

Even if you must dance, you aren’t allowed to dance in public. You are expected to do so at your home or licensed clubs.

5. Having pork with you is illegal

Sorry to all pig lovers. It’s seem there’s a limit to what you can do in Dubai, this inclusive.

Pig in Islam, is considered impure, hence, its meat.

6. Getting drunk in public will land you in trouble

In Nigeria and many other countries of the world, getting drunk is nothing. In Dubai, it is something.

Drinking in public or getting drunk attracts various punishments like fines, imprisonment or deportation. You can only drink at home or inside section of a bar – Cool, isn’t it? 😎

7. Cohabitation in a hotel is

Seems like what has been the order of the day in many countries of the world is not so here. Cohabit is not allowed in Dubai.

That is why the level of fornication and adultery is significant low. Something other countries can follow to reduce prostitution.

8. It is a crime to cross-dress in Dubai

In 2008, 40 tourists were detained by police for cross-dressing. Dressing up as opposite to your sex is seen as bring gay.

9. Do not Thumbs up 👍❌

Thumbs up in Dubai is regarded as rude, it is understand as a way of you saying that you will insert your thumb inside someone’s an*s.

If you’re used to this gesture, it will be a wise decision to stop do it, especially if you’re wishing to visit Dubai someday.

Final Note

Wherever life takes you, make sure to always respect the laws of the land, and abide by the Government’s rules and regulations.




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