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A well trained conscience.

Those with a poorly trained conscience can be likened to a ship that is navigating with a detective compass. Setting off on a journey without an accurate compass can be treacherous. The winds and currents of the ocean can easily throw a ship off course.
A properly calibrated compass can help the captain to keep the ship on course. Our conscience can be likened to a moral compass . It is an inner sense of right or wrong that can guide is in the right direction.
But in order for our conscience to be an effective guide, it must be properly adjusted or calibrated. When a person’s conscience is not properly trained, it does not act as a restraint from wrongdoing.

Such a conscience might even convince us that bad is good and good is bad. An example is what is happening nowadays in this world that we are, some people see bad acts as been good, they even go to the extent of defending those acts to be able to convince you how good the bad acts are so that you will as well engage in it simply because they are into that acts. This is just so wrong, please endeavor to train your conscience and let it be your supposed compass.




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