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Amazing Health Benefits of Sumac

Health benefits of Sumac is one of about 35
species of flowering plants. Many grow in subtropical or temperate regions
throughout the world. The most numerous regions are East Asia, Africa, and
North America. In sumac plants, there is also a sumac fruit that has a bright
red color that is very attractive.

In the Middle East and Europe, many use sumac
as an additional ingredient to make a variety of foods more delicious. Sumac is
also known as lemonade berry, this is because sumac fruit has a sour taste like
a lemon. Read more: list
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In addition to the benefits above, sumac also
has health benefits for our bodies. this is because in sumac contains various
nutrients that are important for our bodies such as polyphenols and flavonoids.
Both are antioxidants that are very good for health. The benefits we get when
adding sumac to our food are as follows:

  • Lower cholesterol levels

The content of flavonoids and polyphenols
which are very rich is believed to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the
blood. We all know that rising levels of bad cholesterol in the blood can cause
various serious illnesses such as high blood pressure to sudden heart attacks. Read also: list
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  • Control blood sugar levels

Based on recent research there are positive
results on how consumption of sumac is associated with problems in diabetics.
Consumption of sumac is proven to stabilize blood sugar levels in the blood,
this shows there is a good effect on pancreatic health in diabetics. The
pancreas is a very important organ in producing insulin, a substance that
controls blood sugar levels in the body.  Or try benefits
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  • Prevents inflammation

Health benefits of Sumac also have anti-trade
or inflammatory functions. In the tradition of traditional medicine which is
also proven in some cases of flu virus attacks, sumac can overcome the problem.
This makes sumac considered to have efficacy against diseases related to
viruses, germs, and bacteria.  Try also: health
benefits arnica

  • Treating swollen gums

We can imagine how disturbing taste when
experiencing gum swelling due to germ infection. In addition to traditional
treatments such as gargling with salt water, the use of sumac can also overcome
this problem. Take enough sumac with one teaspoon, mix with warm water. Then
use it to rinse your mouth, then in a few moments the pain will begin to
decrease and the swollen gums begin to shrink. Read more about benefits
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If you buy health benefits of Sumac that has
been processed into a kind of seasoning, then this kind of sumac is very safe.
Because you need to know that there are types of poison sumac. So if you want
to take sumac directly from the plant, then you must know the difference
between poisonous and non-sumac plants. For poisonous sumac plants, its
characteristics are usually poisonous sumac usually grows in bushes or trees
with a height of 1.5 – 6 meters, also the number of leaves on poison sumac is
very rare or less than non-toxic sumac, and finally, on one sprig of poison
sumac plant there are rows of leaves consisting of two pieces each and at the
end, there is one leaf.

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