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China V Maldives Could Be Moved To Thailand Due To Coronavirus

The Chinese national team have a match against the Maldives on 26th March. According to ‘AS’, the Federation is working so that, if the coronavirus continues to be a threat in the country, the match is played in Thailand.

Everyone is keeping an eye on what is happening in China. The coronavirus continues taking lives and football has also suffered the consequences.

A lot of competitions have been suspended. Against this backdrop, the Chinese team has been forced to draw up a roadmap.

Because on 26th March the match between China and the Maldives is planned to take place. In principle, it should have been played in China, but it’s not clear if it will be.

The Federation are negotiating with Thailand to move the match there incase the if coronavirus persists. The negotiations, ‘AS’ assure, are on the right track.

However, according to ‘Live Sport Asia’, the Thailand health ministry have placed a requirement on China if they want to play in Thailand: they must send blood samples from their players to check that everything is in order.

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