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Cook your stew the right way.

In my own opinion this sauce can be cooked better by the Yoruba people. I know what I’m saying I’m not here to argue. They have a wonderful way of putting everything together with the right amount of pepper and other spices.
Igbo people are also known for their excellence in making soup but stew goes to the Yoruba people.
I have noticed many times that people are fond of making certain mistakes when cooking stew. Some of this mistakes are very harmful to the health. I will be sharing some of them with you today.

1.Allowing your stew to fry too much :My dear sister, this is very wrong and unhealthy. When you fry too much, you will notice that the onions and even some of the tomatoes are already burning. You will know once they start turning black. You will also know if the tomatoes are already sticking to the base of the pot. Avoid this as much as possible. Make sure you stir often when frying and know when it’s enough.

2.Cooking stew with only oil or just a little amount of water:We all know that excess oil in the body is dangerous,it can even affect your heart. It isn’t proper to cook stew with only oil even if it is ofada stew.
3.Adding too many pepper to the stew:My dear, this thing can kill someone.Yoruba people are the masterminds behind this. We know you are trying to make a statement, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of humans. Please reduce the amount of pepper in your stew, people should not be sweating, coughing or drinking water excessively when eating your stew.
4.Cooking stew with tin tomatoes alone:This is not advisable, before you even buy the tin tomatoes do well to check the expiry date on it. I will advise you to make more use of fresh tomatoes instead. It is safer and healthier than canned foods.
5.Warming the pot of stew repeatedly after cooking it:I intentionally saved this one for the last point. When you cook your stew, try as n much as possible to ensure it is stored in a freezer. Store it in small portions that will go round for the family. If you warm it continuously, it will lose its taste. This is because you are warming it and adding a little bit of water each time,before you know what is happening, the stew will just be watery with the spices floating on top and it won’t taste good anymore. If you want to continue to enjoy the stew fresh, save it in the freezer after you cook.

Let’s stay healthy 💪💪




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