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Cristiano Ronaldo To Return To His Former Club For £50m

For all the similarities between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo when it  comes to their talent and goal-scoring records, there’s a big difference when it comes to transfers.

Although you might see the occasional rumbling about Messi leaving Barcelona, there’s never been any real indication that he wants to leave or a transfer was close, but Ronaldo always seems to be linked with a move.

It was a shock when he left Real Madrid to join Juventus, but it could be an even bigger shock if he was to make a return to Spain after a couple of years, but it sounds like it might be possible:

At the age of 35 it’s unclear how much longer he has at the top level, but he’s the type of player who keeps himself fit and has adapted over the years so he should have at least two more good seasons.

You do have to wonder if this would be a wise move for Real Madrid as well. They have missed his goals since he left but you do get the impression they are more of a team now, where Ronaldo would probably upset that balance on his return.

The fee of £50m should be manageable for Real so perhaps they want him as a short term fix to help guide a lot of their talented youngsters, but it would be a massive shock if this happened.




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