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File Publisher: Film2Movie
genre : Action, war, exciting

6.8 / 10 out of 7,238 votes

Duration: 116 minutes
English language
Quality: BluRay 720p
Format: MKV
Encoder: F2M
Size: 900 MB
Product: Australia
stars : Travis Fimmel, Richard Roxburgh, Nicholas Hamilton, Luke Bracey
Director : Kriv Stenders
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Synopsis :
The story of this action-war film, set in August of the 1960s, tells the story of a group of young, inexperienced Australian and New Zealand soldiers who are fighting against more than 2,500 North Vietnamese and Vietnamese soldiers. It enters both sides and…

download movie Danger Close 2019

Farsi Hardsub version of The Danger is close to your battle

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Download Danger Close 2019 movie

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