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Download The Owners 2021 movie

File publisher: Film2Movie
genre : Action, emotional

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Duration: 2 minutes
English language
Quality: HD
Format: MP4
Encoder: F2M
Size: 17 MB
Product: USA, UK, France
stars : Maisie Williams, Rita Tushingham, Sylvester McCoy
Director : Julius Berg
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Synopsis :
Owners is the name of an action and thriller film produced in 2021, directed by Julius Berg. Actors such as Macy Williams, Rita Tushingham and Sylvester McCoy star in the film. The film’s synopsis states that in the 1990s, a group of close friends thought they had found a great and comfortable goal – an empty house full of cash – but when the elderly couple returned home, they soon returned home. The situation changes suddenly. As the deadly game of cat and mouse begins, it is the thieves who must try to escape this nightmare they never imagined, and…

Download The Owners 2021 movie preview


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Download The Owners 2021 movie

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