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Effective Ways to Maintain and Care For Dreadlocks

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Effective Ways to Maintain and Care For Dreadlocks

Since the turn of the century, dreadlocks have become increasingly popular among men and women. In the past, it was seen as a reflection of a religious inclination or a certain socio-economic status. However, presently almost all those stereotypes have been debunked, thanks to innovative hairstylists who have developed ways to make dreadlocks look nice and classy. However, one of the challenges dreadlocks users have is about maintenance.







If you wear dreadlocks or you know someone who does, please read and share this post. Here, we’d show you how to maintain your dreadlocks to ensure that you are always looking clean and neat. Here goes:



Yes, washing. The needs of dreadlocks are different from other hairstyles. Dreads can accumulate dust and dandruff quickly, which will cause you no small discomfort. Unfortunately, just brushing and/or wiping will not do the job of cleaning your dreads well. Even though washing may have its unpleasant effects, it is still one of the best self-care methods for maintaining dreadlocks. I recommend washing your dreads with warm water at least twice every week, leaving at least two days between each wash. If you have dry hair and locks, it may be advisable to wash more frequently.


Now how do you wash? Use a little shampoo to massage your hair beginning at the scalp. Do not rough-handle the dreads to prevent damage, but gently pat the hair with the shampoo. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and then rinse gently. Do not dip your entire hair in water to rinse! Rather, tilt your hair backwards and gently allow the stream of water to course through the hair for a few minutes to wash away the shampoo. Then gently squeeze the locks to get rid of the excess water retained. After washing, gently pat with a towel until it is completely dry. Do not style your dreads when they are wet: rather, wait till they are completely dry, to avoid foul smell and build-up of moulds.


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Visit a ‘Locktician’:

A ‘Locktician is a special kind of hairstylist that deals specifically with dreadlocks. If you are unsure about how to maintain your dreadlocks, simply locate a Locktician in your community or ask for one online, so that you can get the best tips on how to maintain your hair. One key thing about maintaining dreadlocks is that the method to be used must fit the context that you are in. It may be compulsory for you to visit a specialist for certain situations, while for many others a YouTube video or a DIY kit would do.


Redo loose ends:

One of the most common problems people wearing dreadlocks face is the loosening of the ends of their locks. No matter how nicely-woven your locks are, they are always bound to loosen up as your hair grows longer. What to do, then? Depending on the severity of the case, you could either simply redo the lock twists or see a specialist to do it for you.




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