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Enrique Cerezo Defended Josep Maria Bartomeu

After the transfer of Luis Suarez to Atletico Madrid, president Enrique Cerezo was heard on the microphones of ‘Catalunya Radio’.

In his interview, the president defended Josep Maria Bartomeu, of whom he said, “history will prove him right” and show him as “one of the best presidents in Barca history”.

Enrique Cerezo went on the air for ‘Catalunya Radio’ to talk about the transfer of Luis Suárez to Atletico Madrid. In his interview, the Atleti president spoke about the deal and took the opportunity to praise his Barcelona counterpart.

“Bartomeu is a great person and president”, said Enrique Cerezo before going on to state that: “History will prove Bartomeu right and he will go down as one of Barca’s best president’s”.

On the Uruguyan’s transfer, he said: “We are very happy about the arrival of Suárez. He is one of the best goalscorers in Europe. We tried to sign him years ago and now he has come”.

“Luis has many fans and possibly our coach is one of them. Circumstances have meant that he has ended up with us,” continued Cerezo.

Furthermore, when questioned about the conditions of the six million euros of bonuses, he insisted that he would be happy to pay them: “Let’s hope that the variables end up happening because that would be a sign that he meets expectations”.

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