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Famous British Quotes about Love


There must be love in life – one great love for a lifetime, this justifies the causeless bouts of despair to which we are subject.

There is no power in the world more powerful than love.

One day you will understand that love heals everything, and love is all that exists in this world.

Love is a priceless gift. This is the only thing that we can give, yet no one can ever steal it from you.

Love is a lamp that illuminates the universe; without the light of love, the earth would turn into a barren desert, and man – into a handful of dust.

Love is the beginning and end of our existence. There is no life without love. Therefore, love is what a wise person worships.

How a woman and a man can possibly understand each other? They both want different things, a man wants a woman, and a woman wants a man.

The belief that true love exists is given to man as a reward for life, aimed at the knowledge of love.

The only thing that matters at the end of our stay on earth is how much we were loved, what the quality of our love was.

To love is to see a person as God intended them to be.

A person cannot build a healthy relationship with anyone without having a healthy relationship with themselves first.

Love heals people – and those who give it, and those who receive it.

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Love should not ask and should not demand, love should have the power to assure itself. 

Love is the only one of all fields of human communication, which is an amazing interweaving of spiritual and physical pleasure, creating a feeling of fullness of life with meaning and happiness.

If you seek to resolve a problem, do it with love. You will understand that the cause of your problem is a lack of love, for such is the cause of all problems.

We are made for love. The meaning of life is a mystery, and it is revealed in love, through the one we love.

Love only makes sense if it is mutual.

The truth is that there is only one highest value – love.

Fake love is more a result of ignorance, not a lack of love.

You must always live in love with something inaccessible to you. A person grows taller when there is something unreachable for them.

No one should be guided by people who want to live their lives perfectly, no relatives, no honors, no wealth, and indeed nothing in the world will teach them better than love.

Separation for love is like the wind for fire: it extinguishes the weak and inflates the strong.

There is no picture in the world more beautiful than the face of a beloved person, and there is no music sweeter than the sound of your beloved’s voice.

A woman was created to love her, and not in order to understand her.

If every person loved all people, then everyone would possess the universe.

To love deeply is to forget about yourself.

Love is a joyful acceptance and blessing of all living and existing things, that openness of souls, which opens its arms to any manifestation of being as such, feels its divine meaning.

For marriage, a full vessel of emotional love is just as important as a full fuel tank is important for a car. Leading your marriage along the road of life on an empty “love tank” can be even more hopeless than trying to drive a car without fuel. And it can cost much more. No matter how good your marriage is now, it can always be improved. Marriage relationships themselves are originally designed to convey love and intimacy. Marriage is also the main place where the inner “vessel of love” can be filled.

Love is the only thing in nature where even the power of imagination does not find a bottom and does not see a limit!

True love is gaining oneself in renouncing oneself and in living your life through someone else.

Love is stronger than death and the fear of death. Love is what moves things in this universe.

Respect has boundaries, while love does not.

One can only experience love by loving someone. You can try to hide it. You can try to study textbooks, curb your emotional impulses, develop a behavior strategy – all this is nonsense. The heart decides, and only heart makes the decisions that are important and necessary. 





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