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Gana’s killing: Kinsmen jittery over possible reprisal

There is palpable fear among residents of Ikurav-Tiev, the immediate community of militia gang leader, Terwase Akwaza alias Gana, over possible reprisal attack on them by his (Gana’s) lieutenants.


The community has been thrown into intense fear since the death of the wanted militant leader at the hands of the Nigeria Army last Tuesday in Gboko Local Government Area of the state. Gana was on his way to Government House in Makurdi, the Benue State capital, to surrender in the on-going amnesty programme initiated by the state security council so as to be integrated into the society when the convoy carrying him and other repentant militants was waylaid by military forces.


Sunday Telegraph learnt that the residents are now fearful following widespread reports that Gana has reportedly transmitted his famed “powers” to one of his most influential members, identified as “Major”.


However, the killing of Gana may not be the end of militant activities in the entire Sankera area as his “boys” are alleged to be angry over the way and manner their leader was killed and are likely to continue  their operations.


Sunday Telegraph’s investigation found out that Gana had a premonition that he was going to die and told his followers what they should do should it be the case. Nobody knows when the angry gang members may strike, but sources in Sankera, who confided in Sunday Telegraph pleading anonymity, hinted that there is growing fear in the area a development that has forced prominent sons and daughters in the area to keep off.


Already, various groups including the MzoughU-Tiv (MUT), a Tiv socio-cultural group have condemned the killing of
Ghana. President General of the organisation, Chief Iorbee Ihagh, said Terwase Akwaza was ex-judicially exterminated.


Ihagh stated that the deceased militia warlord was in the same vehicle with a Reverend Father and his council chairman when he was arrested by the military and subsequently killed.


“The military should stop lying that there was a shootout because there was nothing like that,” he said. He urged the military to release those other repentant youths who were arrested along with Gana so that they could continue with the amnesty programme.




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