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Getting Ready to Study at the University: a List of Student Supplies

After graduating from school, many students are worried about how to enter the university, how to study there, how to write essays, term papers, thesis, etc. There is no reason for worry. Today, there are many websites that assist students in writing works of varying complexity. Visit this related site and you will see that experts can easily help you with different assignments.

Now let’s
move on to the most important thing. If you find your surname in the list of students enrolled in a
university, it’s time to start preparing for September 1. Of course, you do not
need to buy a school uniform (the style of clothing at the university is free),
but there are other important things that a student needs to take to study.

The evidence
of future educational triumphs should be maintained in a decent form: a
tattered grade book makes a bad impression on the tutor. And on the exam, it
can play against you.

A modern
student cannot do without a computer: lecture notes, reports, presentations —
this is not the whole list of works that a student will have to prepare. It
will not be superfluous to have a printer at hand, so you will save time and
money on numerous printouts. On occasion, you can use the services of a print
center, but the prices there are quite high. Often in dormitories, students
themselves organize ‘printing centers’, where you can print the necessary
document for a small fee.

We recommend using the recorder in a smartphone during lectures. The device will record all information while you listen to the story.

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The usual
thing for students is to keep a summary of several subjects in one notebook.
But many teachers watch how conscientiously young people write lectures. They
may not like the fact that you save paper and space in your backpack. So, you
should take about 10 notebooks — it`s enough for the first time. Covers are
optional. Two pens, two or three highlighter markers, a
ruler, an eraser and a simple pencil are enough for a start. For technical
universities, you may need a separate set: paper, drawing tools, pencils of
different hardness-softness, tube (cylindrical case for drawings).

Students do
not keep a diary, but there are even more tasks than at school. Plus, a lot of
organizational issues: get textbooks, come to a meeting with representatives of
public organizations of the university, go to the bank and get a card (if you
are studying on a budget basis). You can’t hold all this in your head. Thus, it
will be a reasonable decision to buy a notebook for daily notes. You can also
use the electronic organizer if you prefer it. No one will control whether you
have marked all tasks and mandatory meetings. But it will not free you from
their implementation.

Studying at
the university involves large visual loads. Be sure to get an ergonomic desk

education classes will not keep you waiting, so sportswear will definitely come
in handy. Please note that from September to October, classes are usually held
at the stadium, and the weather is not always warm.

A medical
gown and a cap will be necessary for students of a medical university, as well
as future chemists, biologists. Perhaps every dancer has a gymnastic leotard
and special shoes. Students-athletes should visit the sportswear store: in the
coming years, it will become the only form of clothing at the university.

In addition
to basic supplies, any student needs some small stationery:

Of course, all this can be acquired at the place of study. But it is better to take care of the most necessary things in advance, thus saving money and time. Having acquired all the necessary arsenal of stationery, you can safely begin to comprehend the basics of science.


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