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Hair products ,earphones and other things that might be leading to pimple in the ear

Pimples can appear on the body. But some areas are more prone to pimples than other like the face, chest and the back. However, pimples can also appear on some hidden places like the ears armpits and other places. A pimple in the ear can be very painful and uncomfortable. The pain can be so bad to the extent that one might experience problem hearing, chewing and even open the mouth to talk

Some pimples in the ear go away by themselves while others will need treatment which might involve squeezing the pimple. The pimple can appear either outside or inside the blood. Pimples inside the ear can be caused by various things , mostly hygiene. These causes include using dirty earbuds, using dirty headphones or earphones, putting things inside your ear which includes the fingers, the ear getting dirty water when swimming , hair products like shampoos and conditioners, hormonal imbalance and others .

Ears are very sensitive and once there is a pimple inside, one should avoid popping it as it might push the pus inside the ear which contains bacteria . This will definitely cause more infections and inflammation making the situation worse. Some of the symptoms of the of the pimple in the ear include, pain in the ear, discharge in the ear with bad smell, itching in the ear, sore and swollen lymph in the throat and at time loss of hearing.

Although a pimple can go on itself, it it causes more distress and affecting your day to day activities, do not hesitate to seek medical attention.




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