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How to Play Songs on Spotify with Siri on iPhone or iPad


Siri now supports Spotify commands, meaning you can now use Siri to request specific music be played through Spotify on iPhone, iPad, or other Siri equipped devices with Spotify. And if the iPhone or iPad is outputting audio to Sonos or another speaker, Spotify will play directly through that speaker system.

Using Spotify to play songs and music by Siri request is incredibly simple, it’s just a matter of asking the proper questions.

This works with Siri no matter how you access Siri, whether by Hey Siri voice activation, a long press of the Home button or power button, or any other Siri access method. The only requirement is that you have an updated version of Spotify and iOS or iPadOS, and that you have a Spotify subscription.

How to Play Music with Spotify Using Siri

  • Summon Siri then say something like “Play (artist, song name) on Spotify”

How to start Spotify songs and music from Siri

For example, you can summon Siri and say “play Elvis Presley Don’t be Cruel on Spotify” and Siri will instantly start playing that song on Spotify through the iPhone or iPad that you made the request with.

You can also use Hey Siri to initiate the Spotify music playing command, like “Hey Siri, play George Jones The Race is On on Spotify”, or “Hey Siri play Rolling Stones Wild Horses on Spotify”, try it out with whatever you want to hear and listen to on your device through Spotify.

Obviously this requires the Spotify app and a subscription, as without the app you can’t use Spotify service.

Spotify is a popular music streaming service that some users may use as an addition to or replacement for other streaming music services like Apple Music. What you use is up to you.

Naturally if you have an Apple Music subscription, you can also ask Siri to play a song through Apple Music as well using the same general syntax.

Siri has gotten a lot more powerful lately particularly when apps update to support the digital assistant, and aside from the tons of Siri commands (even some less serious and outright funny commands) available, you can do new interesting things like play music as discussed here, or even order Uber with Siri if you want a ride somewhere.

Siri is a great feature, and Spotify is a great music service, and now you can combine the two for your enjoyment and listening pleasure!

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