Comic actor Ada Ameh has told the Sun in an interview that she gave birth at the age of 14-years and it’s something she doesn’t regret at all.

She emphahsised that what would have been painful is when she’s 40-years and has no child of her own.

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“I can never regret having my child.  God forbid! The truth is that the ways of God is so different from the ways of man. Just imagine me as this age and I am not married and don’t have a child. I am not saying marriage is the ultimate but we both know what I am talking about.

I am a feminist but I, not that type that would not love to have a man. Being a feminist doesn’t mean that there should be a man. If you are Christian you should that submitting yourself to your man doesn’t make you a fool. It doesn’t mean, I don’t have my own mind.’

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