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Is Your Mother Still Alive? Don’t Let Her Die Without Doing These 10 Things To Her

One thing I have learn in life is that we should cherished the ones we love, especially our parents because we don’t know when death will come knocking on the door and that last moment, be it good or bad may be the last we will share with them.

It is quiet popular that the father is the bread winner of the family, since he is responsible for the financial welfare of the family. But the mother should not be overlooked. While the father goes out in search of money, the mother maintains the home, provide food, love, clothing for her children and even teach them good morals which will enable them become better person in life.

Is no news that every society striving to develop needs well trained mens who have good morals that will engaged in things promoting the society instead of diminishing it value by engagement in activities like stealing, robbery, killing etc.

I’m writing this article to enlighten my readers that while you can still see, touch and communicate with your mom, you should make sure you do these 10 things listed below to her before she passes away.

1) Let Her Hear Good News About You

Is no secret that every mother’s joy is hearing good news about her children in the society. No mother will be angry towards her child educational success, good career, success in life etc. But will be sad to hear news of her child causing unrest in the society by involving his/herself in evil activities like killing, stealing, robbery, rape and so on.

Rememberthat happiness promote good health which in turn prolong one’s life. So if you want to make your mother live longer let your life be a source of good news to her.

2) Medical Check-up


As your mother ages so does a lot of medical conditions affects her. She easily suffers from high-blood pressure, high blood sugar among other illness. If you truly want your mom to stay longer with you in this world, you should endeavour to always take her for medical check up, at least once in 2 weeks.

By doing this she can easily be diagnosed of any illnesss and if any is found she will be given treatments by the doctors.

3) Respect Her


In our society today, young ones showing respect to their elders is seen as a child rightly brought up and have good morals. Such child usually attracts blessing from the elders towards him having a bright future.

You should always show respect to your mother, as this will gladden her heart and make her to shower blessings on you in everything you engaged yourself in this life.

Remember the Bible acknowledge a child respecting his/her parent because those who disrespect their parents and get curse by their parents will suffer in life and will find it difficult to achieved good things in their life.

4) Marry And Bear Her GrandKids While She Lives


There is no doubt thatour mother loves us, but that love can easily shift when you bear her grandchildren. Grandchildren is a source of great joy to all mother’s as they will do everything to make them happy by buying gifts for them, cooking for them, buying them clothes etc.

Being a grandma is every mother’s dream, so is your responsibility to make your mum happy and reach the stage of grandma in her life by getting married and giving her grand kids before she dies.

5) Take Her Out To Dinner


Women like to be shown love, care and attention. You might think she is your dad’s wife and therefore is his responsibility to take her out to dinner. But you will be surprised that as much as she enjoys going out to dinner with her husband, she will appreciate you taking her out to dinner at least once in a while.

Show your mom you truly appreciate her love, care, prayers over your life by doing this one amazing thing.

6) Always Seek Advice From Her


No matter what you are chasing after in life, always remember to seek your mom advice. Whether you are wealthy or not, don’t disregard seeking advice from your mom, as this means a lot to her seeing her child asking for her thoughts towards what he intends to do or step to take in life.

You may or may not know this, but remember that she gave birth to you and will do everything possible for you to be prosperous in life. Therefore she would never give you any advice that would harm you.

7) Even After Your Marriage, Remember to Send Her Money And Food Items


I have heard a lot of news where a man/woman will disregard his/her mother after getting married. You should take notice that for over 20+ years of your life, your mom has being the bedrock towards your success in life.

She provided for your education(both secondary & tertiary), provided for your food, cloth you, gave you shelter and even her advice. It will break her heart to see that her son/daughter abandoned her and never sent any money or food items.

Please don’t allow your partner to paint a dark image of your mom to avoid her having illness like high BP, stroke or even worse death.

8) Always Put Her In Your Prayers


Remember to put your mother always in your prayers. She is no longer young and agile therefore you should pray to God to give her good health, more strength and long life. With your prayers you get to see your mum around you much more longer on earth.

9) She Should Enjoy the Fruit Of Her Labour

This guy bought his mum a car and she is holding the car keys in the photo


When you were a child, your mother sacrifice a lot of things that would have given her pleasure in life just to see that you are well catered for and to have a good future.

She abstain herself from buying luxury items like jewelry, designs cloths & shoes, cars just to make sure she pay your school fees, buy you cloths and provide 3 square meals for you daily.

So, when you eventually make it in life, you should remember her sacrifice and make her enjoy all those things she couldn’t back then. Buy her expensive cloths, jewelries, cars, houses etc. Make her happy because she is all that matters to you in this life.

10) Spend Quality Time With Her


No matter the care, love and attention you show to your mother, she eventually die and leave this earth one day. Therefore we should always find time to spend with our mum, cause we will never know which moment might just be the last.

So, I will advice you, that whatever work you do or however busy your schedule is, you should find out time to share her last moments in the sick bed.

This is the last time you will get to see her, share jokes, memories, love with her and make her death a happy and memorable one.

That’s it my readers, if your mom is still alive, kindly drop I love you or any other sweet thing you have to say about your mother.

And for those who have lost their mother, I pray that may her soul rest in perfect peace.




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