Legendary Nigerian singer, Ebenezer Obey has dropped his two cents on what he thinks about old men marrying young girls who are just starting life.

The legendary singer opined that it is unwise for an old man to look out for young ladies because they are very virile and strong at that age.

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He advised his fellow old folks to make do with women in their age brackets and not venture into the unknown. He noted that he is single at the moment since his wife passed away and if he will look for someone to be with, he will choose an older woman.


He interacted with The Nation and said that:

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”Marry a young lady? It’s a foolish old man that will say he wants to marry a young lady. The young lady has just started her life and definitely is virile and strong. Someone like me should be thinking of a woman who is 60 or above. And when I do it soon, everyone will know.”