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Jamb Subject Combination for Polymer and Textile Engineering

We have gathered the detailed information about Polymer and Textile Engineering and its Subject Combination. The Jamb subject Combination for Polymer and Textile Engineering will help prospective students in making right choices on course to choose.

Obtaining a University Degree in Polymer and Textile Engineering is Competitive and The Choice of Subject Combination will make it less stressful.

is generally an engineering
field that designs, analyses, and modifies polymer materials. Polymer
engineering covers aspects of the petrochemical industry, polymerization,
structure and characterization of polymers, properties of polymers, compounding
and processing of polymers and description of major polymers, structure
property relations and applications.


is a branch of engineering that deals with the garment, colour and fabric line
of industries. It is the science that deals with all activities and methods
which are involved in the process of textile manufacturing.

engineering consists of the law, principles, and scientific techniques which
are utilized for development and manufacturing the textile fabrics and all type
of yarns. It also studies the principles of science that analyzes the polymers
involved in the formation of textile fibre.

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In the 21st
century, we are surrounded by different types of things or structures that are
made by different types of polymer products such as plastic, molded material,
synthetic fibers, rubbers etc. The use of all these polymer products is
increasing day by day. The requirement of eco-friendly & recyclable plastic
and proper management of the polymer products is also rising at the same
time.  This job is done by Polymer Engineers. They use the principles of
plant design, process design, thermodynamics, and transport phenomena to
develop new products.

and Direct Entry Requirements to Study Polymer and Textile Engineering.

Direct Entry Requirement for Polymer
and Textile Engineering:

UTME Requirement for Polymer and
Textile Engineering:

UTME Subject combination for Polymer
and Textile Engineering:


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