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Ladies Fashionable Designs and Creative African Styles 2020

In recent times, African fashion designers have taken designs up a notch. Fashion on the continent has evolved from primitive patterns, fabrics and styles to more contemporary and beautiful trends. Today, people from all over the world love African fashion designs because they are beautiful, comfortable and versatile.



This post highlights the most fashionable and creative African styles in 2020. We explore various style for females that have stood out since the year began. Here goes:


Ankara Midi Gowns








Undoubtedly, Ankara midi gowns are one of the most fashionable African styles for females. They have become very popular because they are classy, easy to wear and inexpensive to make. Ankara midi gowns give ladies a great option to look great on a tight budget.


Off-shoulder gowns






Like the Ankara mini gowns, off-shoulder gowns have ruled the women’s fashion niche in the fashion industry throughout this year. The off-shoulder style started becoming popular a few years ago, rather than getting phased out, it has become more popular. The off-shoulder style has been introduced into virtually every available design for women’s clothing, which underscores how important it is to fashion enthusiasts.


Big sleeves







It has also been a subtle leader in women’s fashion space. With the seemingly increasing craze for off-shoulder and sleeveless gowns, some decided to do it differently and invented the big sleeves.


Side slits






These days, one of the necessities for being called a ‘slay mama’ or ‘slay queen’ is the presence of thigh-high side slits on your gown or skirt. When combined with an off-shoulder styled top, then the must-have is fully complete. So, since everyone decided to aspire to become slay mamas, side slits began to reign.

Ankara/Kitenge Kimono






It exudes elegance. Kimonos made using African prints are among the best outfits that you will come across while on the continent; provided the designer makes them well. These African kimonos have become an integral component of the closets of many ladies, especially career women who love to look formal and classy at the same time.


Maxi dresses






We can never have our fill of maxi dresses, can we? Since introduced a few years ago, they have stayed relevant in the fashion sphere. Maxi dresses are comfortable, elegant and very affordable, and they have continued to be in the industry.




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