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Luis Suárez Thinks He Will Return To Barcelona

Luis Suárez, new Atlético Madrid player, spoke to the fans of his ex-team in a message recorded for Barcelona’s official Twitter account.

He said that he will surely return to the club and thanked all the fans for the support received all these years.

Luis Suárez still hasn’t worn the Atlético jersey yet, but he is already warning that he will return to Barcelona. The Uruguayan appeared in a video published by the club on their social media to say goodbye to the fans. He left the door open and said that it’s not a goodbye, but a “see you later”.

“Hello to all the ‘culés’. I wanted to say goodbye to all of you. And it’s not an infinite goodbye, it’s a see you later because I’m sure I’ll come back to the club at some point. This club is the one that has given me everything. For all the great moments I have experienced thanks to all of you. I send you a big hug”,  he affirmed.

His words were given after his farewell press conference, in which he broke down and responded to the questions from the journalists. He did have time, however, to record a separate, calmer message for the fans, so he got his wish.

But Luis Suárez didn’t just speak about his spell at Barcelona, but he set his sights on his new adventure at Atlético Madrid. In a small part of his appearance, he referred to the Madrid side and made it clear that he sees himself capable of competing to the fullest and that he is “very much looking forward to it”.




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