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Luqmaan Samie – biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

About Mr Luqmaan Samie

Luqmaan Samie is the Chairman of The Samie Group, head office in London, the United Kingdom with a global presence in New York, the United States Of America. The story of his rise from humble beginnings in Cape Town to success is inspirational, and the advice he has to give on business and life should be taken by entrepreneurs and individuals who wants to make a change even during the uncertain times that we living.

Humble Beginnings 

From humble beginnings dropping out of school at Grade 10, living on the False Bay coast in Cape Town. Here the dream started when one day I was exposed to money and the love of cars. In this town on the False Bay coast of Cape Town, I had this belief that life is not what I was exposed to, Life is not all about who is the bravest when it comes to fights and who can sell the most drugs. I had this belief that I can make a difference to my lifestyle and have different scenery and live my dream of financial freedom. I believed that all of this could be a nightmare that I will be stuck in forever or I could live life to the fullest by suffering a few years in business and live in success and luxury forever, and so my journey began in the early 90s.

start of business belief

Living in a town surrounded by uncertainty, drugs, violence and me leaving school at Grade 10, I was forced to become a man. A man that looked after three kids, my brother and two sisters in a household where we did not know where our next meal will come from and where money was always “TIGHT”. All I want to say, Divorce is a bad thing for families to go through no matter what the case, but me my sisters and brother, we looked after each other appreciated and supported each other through our lows and highs. Much more lows though but we pushed and belief that life is great and we need to live it to the max of our ability.


“Enough of that sad topic”


I knew when I dropped out of school I was going to go on a path differently to other school leavers, a path where I as an individual will be able to live the dream where freedom of doing anything that you want would be at the very end of my hand. A beginning of independence and a start to believe that owning a business would be the very best way to getting whatever I want for me and my future.

The first taste of success

So a lesson about success. Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose and has a different meaning to many. However, success to many has the same meaning: Money, Cars, Mansion and more Money in the Bank. Individuals who think this way will always live in the “NOW” I have to be honest I was victim to this, but the money and success I was exposed to, were not feeding the freedom that I was envisioning. My friends and family always said I am a bit crazy and my wishes will always be a Dream.


Note: It is the crazy one’s that change the world.


So let’s talk about my first taste of success in business. I was exposed to business and property by my parents at a young age. My mother who has this grip belief in business success as a business analyst and my father as an accountant. I have to thank them for exposing me to this part of my life at a young age even though they wanted me to be doing business on a small scale. The dreamy cocky kid that I have been, and through pure tenacity, a bit of cheekiness and deep relationship with my business partners, I never knew that life would put me on a path where success was different to what I was told it was, but one thing I knew, and that was, everyone goes left, but I chose to move forward and never look back, only in the past learning.


I was showered with the property market, accounting and different business markets in the early 90S by my parents and I knew immediately that business and property was my go-to game.


So yes my answer to your question about my first taste of Success is not money mansions and the car, but the possibility of having cash-flow to sustain that lifestyle. That to me is success and not living in the NOW.

going beyond borders 

When I started with my vision of having a business, I knew one thing, I need to be Big. I need Bigger than what I believed big was.

I knew, being local, I won’t have what I envision my success to being. Going across boarders will be the best fit for my success. I needed a legacy, that would be moving for generations to come that would look after not my kids, but the kids of my kids.

Boy oh, Boy did I fail with many businesses after that thinking.

However, After the storm, there is light, and when you reach the light, all business belief and mistakes makes sense until you follow through to your payday. Repeat the process of success and keep up with the current times, be innovative and you shall reap the benefits of success over and over.


Winning in business is easy. If you lose, you still win because there is a learning in the loss, so that it can be a reminder not to repeat and expect different results. Also, note that losing all the time is not a good thing. That means your plan needs to be adjusted. You should take financial advice from paid advisors, to help you with your winning.


“Do split test campaigns”



Test A goes right and you win, and Test B goes left and you win. Then you should weigh your winning options. It’s all about who has a product or service and market dominance will always win. McDonald’s does not have the best burger, but their marketing plan says, they have the best burger and its marketing displays are everywhere and their products are available in each city.


You don’t have to have the best product or service. All you need to have is market dominance and availability of a product or service which a market niche finds, convenience for.


Good Luck.





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