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Miralem Pjanic Spoke In His First Appearance

Miralem Pjanic, in the press conference of his inauguration as a new Barcelona player, spoke about Ronald Koeman.

The recently incorporated player revealed that he has already spoken with the head coach a few times and they have spoken about the role he will play.

Pjanic is open to playing however Koeman wants. He has spoken with him several times and more or less has a basic idea of the way he will have to play when he’s on the pitch.

“I have already spoken to him two or three times. First, to get my bearings. He’s a coach who has demonstrated many things over the years. On a tactical level, I’ve been able to talk to him. We’ll wait for him to integrate me and we’ll see how he plans to use me”, said the ex Juventus player.

“But we know the season is long. I am at his disposal. I will do my best and try to gain his trust and, above all, that of my teammates”, he added. In the middle of the team’s restructuring, he has an opportunity to carve out a vital spot in the squad.

He also talked about the state of his relationship with Luis Enrique, who he played with when the two were at Roma: “I had an extraordinary relationship with him, it was sad that he left after a year. He was thinking about the way Barça played at Roma. And that is not an easy thing”.




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