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My Boyfriend Won’t Apologize But He Says He Loves Me

My Boyfriend Won’t Apologize But He Says He Loves Me

Good morning Jzhane.

I am Jane (not real name).My boy friend or fiance removed all my photos,packed my clothes in the bags and actually he kept every thing which belongs to me in the bag and and he brought another girl in the house and on my bed for a week when I wasn’t there.

I found every thing packed in the bag when I returned .I called him I asked him where a my photos.he told me that he took them some to repair yet the photos were under the chair .

After seeing that, I asked my neighbor. She told me that he bought another girl for week. Jzhane, I asked the guy and he denied but he told his friend that its true that he brought a woman but he is not going to apologize.

Yes…He even called me telling me that he still love me but not even to say sorry to me..He is saying its his brother  who brought a girl in the house so he is not going to apologize for something he didn’t do it.

I tried to talk to him but he doesn’t want to talk about that .Jzhane, this guy wasted my time and years and his family are calling me asking me about our first visit.I told them to ask their son.

Another problem is…he is the one paying for the apartment I live in…if  I break up with him….what do I do? Will I leave the apartment? He just sent a message that he is coming tomorrow and that we need to talk face to face.

We have come very far in this relationship .I don’t know what to do? Madam advise me .his family knows me and were planing to do our first visit this year in November and another question is guy really love me. Is this guy really love or is wasting my time?


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