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My Wife Has Become A Freak & Addict Of Aphrodisiacs -Help…I Am Worried!

My Wife Has Become A Freak & Addict Of Aphrodisiacs -Help…I Am Worried!

Please keep me anonymous. Yesterday’s story on Kanyanmata inspired me to send my story. (Click here to read yesterday’s story). I think you should help us use your platform to educate women on the dangers of trying to do anything in the name of improving s*x life in marriage.

I am married,for five years going to six soon. My wife and I are happy until last year after she gave birth to our second child. It was during her maternity that she was spending time at home that she joined a group on social media that was promoting aphrodisiacs and kinky products to spice up s*x.

I cannot say our lovemaking is the best but it was not bad too. I mean,we made love at least once a week. But my wife started complaining that its not enough. Most times during the week, I am tired and I try to please her at least during the weekends.

But staying at home made her really bored and all she wanted once I got back from work was s*x. Just to make her happy,I obliged her but it was really tiring for me. And because I was tired, I could not last long in bed.

That became another problem for us. She complained bitterly of me not lasting long and satisfying her. And that is how she bought some products for me to use. After much persuasion, I obliged her.

True to its worth…the product worked but I found myself getting hard almost every time of the day and that began to make feel headaches and uncomfortable at work too. Even a lady noticed my manhood was erect one day in the office…she began to flirt with me.

See me see wahala. Then, I began to give my wife the kind of s*x that she wanted but I was dealing with too much headaches and strong desires to have s*x even with other women, at work or in public.

I told my wife what I was feeling and she agreed to reduce the dose of the product for me. So far,its been ok…at least …am not as horny as before but I still feel headaches from time to time….the things we do for love right? I just pray this thing does not have permanent side effects on me in future…

But the major problem now is that my wife recently got another aphrodisiac for women and that is really making things weird for me. These products she is using is turning her into an addict. She is constantly horny and coming after me. I think our s*x life is a little not normal anymore.

I know some men or some people will think I am nuts for saying this but I think too much s*x is not good for your health. I am getting headaches and she is always in the mood and I fear that she might be tempted to sleep with someone else the was I was tempted too if things are not checked.

I told her to tone down her dose in take like i did mine ..she did but she is still a freak. I told her to stop it all together and she said no…that she can control herself…but my wife is really scaring me. She is beautiful and very s*xy to behold.

When am at work…my mind is praying she is behaving herself wherever she is…cos I know all she thinks of is having s*x. I don’t know…to her,its fun…but I am really worried that this might lead to something both of us will regret one day…just like your story yesterday…

What can I do about this please? Are there no permanent side effects of this in future?


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