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Never Make These 4 Types Of People Your Best Friend, They Can Destroy Your Life

Humans are social beings because living in isolation is unhealthy for mental health. This is the reason it is almost impossible to see someone who doesn’t have family, friends, or neighbors. There is a kind of security that is attached to being with people around and it also prevents loneliness.

Although it is important to have friends, there are friendships that are toxic which could result in unpleasant situations. There have been cases of people who trusted their friends so much until their trust is betrayed. It is always better to be alone than to be among people who have the capacity to destroy another person’s life knowingly or unknowingly.


In life, there are people who deserve a ‘Hi’ from afar. It doesn’t mean you should see them as your enemy, but they shouldn’t be close friends either. Whenever you notice these four (4) types of people, never make them your close friends. They have the capacity to destroy a person’s life.

1. A Jealous Person – another word for jealousy is envy and it means when someone is resentful or angry toward another person’s success. A jealous person can do anything when they are angry including committing murder. When you notice this trait in someone who claims to be your friend, try your best to avoid them completely. Evil resides in the heart of a jealous individual.


2. An Angry Person – there is a common saying that ‘If it takes angry man many years to build a house, he can destroy it within a day’. This is true because a man who cannot control his emotions is capable of danger to himself and the people around him. There have been cases of wives who killed their husbands out of anger and vice versa. It is therefore advisable to greet an angry person from afar than get close to them.


3. A Chatterbox – this means people who talk or chat to excess. For your sake and that of your family, do not choose a chatterbox as your best friend. This is because revealing a secret to them is the same as revealing a secret at a radio station. They will make sure whatever you tell them reaches the end of the World without making a mistake or altering anything. It is not their fault though but their personality make-up. This is why they shouldn’t be chosen as a close friend.


4. A Pessimist – someone who doesn’t believe anything good can come out from a situation is pessimistic. They always focus on the negative side of things instead of the positive ones. The reason they should not be chosen as a close friend is that their negative behavior is contagious. For instance, if you tell a pessimist that you have to go for a job interview, he will give you ten reasons you shouldn’t go and this might result in discouragement. They won’t take steps and will make sure you don’t take action towards progress too.

These four (4) types of people have the capability to destroy an individual’s life knowingly or unknowingly, don’t be close friends with them. This doesn’t mean you should see them as evil or hold grudges against them, just say a word of greetings to them once in a while and go your way. It will prevent lots of problems in your life.

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