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Ramos’ Foul Is A Not A Penalty In Spain

According to former referee Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez, law 12 from IFAB is translated incorrectly into Spanish. This is apparently the reason why the penalty was not given.

There was a controversial incident on Sunday when Sergio Ramos stepped on Raul Garcia in the Athletic Bilbao versus Real Madrid game.

Iturralde Gonzalez, an ex-La Liga referee, explained why one penalty was given and the other was not. In other words, the foul on Marcelo which was given as a penalty and the action which was not given on Raul Garcia.

According to ‘Itu’, the reason is because in the former, both players were fighting for the ball while the latter was off the ball. However, the Basque official says both are penalties, but a translation error caused the penalty not to be given.

The laws used in Spain are different due to a translation error. In the original text in English, careless play is the following: “Careless is when a player shows a lack of attention or consideration when making a challenge or acts without precaution.” In the Spanish text, it says “Careless is when a player shows a lack of attention or consideration when disputing the ball with an opponent.”

Law 12 in Spanish implies that for careless play to occur, the player must be disputing the ball with an opponent while in the English, there is no reference to that. It can either while fighting for the ball or off the ball.”




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