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See 2 simple strategies to generate daily income from Whatsapp.

See 2 simple strategies to generate daily income from Whatsapp.

Turn Your WhatsApp into an ATM You Can Withdraw From Anytime

There is something we all have in common as humans apart from breath… and that is social media accounts. Every adult that has a smartphone has at least two to three social media accounts, and the most common ones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

These social media platforms has long since gone beyond just serving our social needs but also serving as a strong means of conducting our businesses. Facebook and Instagram are perfect for targeted ads. Twitter is used for building brand influence and WhatsApp is the lord of building contacts.

Today however, I will just focus on means of generating a steady stream of income via WhatsApp. Above 2 billion people are active daily on WhatsApp and that simply means limitless opportunity of networking. Your network is your net worth. I will give a run-down of different means of cashing out from you WhatsApp like an ATM.

  1. Marketing And Sales of Digital Products

These are products that are not physical, and can’t be touched. Ebooks and E-courses. If you have a strong knowledge of anything, you can quickly write it out using msword or any word processor and convert it to pdf.


Let’s say How to Get a Girl to Kiss You on the First Date. This is a hot topic because research has shown that a lot of people google this. On your WhatsApp, you can advertise on your status and whoever makes payment of, let’s say 1k gets the book. If you have a strong contact list, you’re sure of at least three sales daily just from WhatsApp. If you take it to other social media handles and run ads to it, you will scale up the profit.


Let’s still use our How to Get a Girl to Kiss You on the First Date. You can set up a WhatsApp group, bring people in and teach them the exact strategies they can deploy in getting a girl to kiss them on a first date. You can sell this training for as low as 1k. If you hit fifty sales, that’s 50k and you did nothing much than to just sell your knowledge.

  1. Status Advertisement

You can build your list and run paid ads on your status for businesses. I have a friend that charges as high as 10k for ads on his WhatsApp status and gets two to three ads daily. That’s daily 20k coming from his WhatsApp alone.

If you have at least a thousand contacts on your phone and you have 50% of that viewing your status, that means your status gets to 500 views just like mine. You can easily advertise products and offers for people on your status and get paid for the ad.

And the good thing is that, you can run as high as ten ads a day. Just commit to building your list first.

Got value? Hit the comment box and tell me how I can further assist you in getting started. Cheers to your growth, see you at the top.




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