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Solve Drive Error

Step 1 => Check your Internet Connection and Click “Download” again….If the File Is Downloading,Enjoy Ur Video

Step 2 => If It Shows “Document Not Availale” (or) “Unable to Access Document” (or) “Download Limit Exceeded

Step 3 =>Goto The Drive App in Your Mobile/Tablet (or) your PC/Laptop

Step 4 => Goto the “Shared With Me” Section

Step 5 => In that Section,you can find the File that you are unable to Download….Just Hold (in mobile) or Right Click( in PC ) that File and Select Download From the Options

Step 5 => If You Cant Find the File ,Please report the File in the Comment Box which you can find Below the Post of the Tv-show.

Step 6 => If the above Method Doesn’t Work,Try This – Bypass Trick

Thankyou,Have a Nice Day




  1. Amrit says

    Can’t download Riverdale s04 episode.. Solutions??

    1. Naijaonpoint.com says

      Link fixed …. you can now download

  2. Frans says

    It said the url can’t be found on the server. Please fix it. Thank you

  3. Dennis says

    Can’t find the file for season 3 for samurai x…

    1. Naijaonpoint.com says

      Will fix soon ….

      1. Dennis says

        Still finding it difficult to download samurai x season 3. Please can you fix the link…

  4. Adam says

    All the links don’t work.Fix them please.

    1. Naijaonpoint.com says

      What link …

  5. Adam says

    The link of season 3 is not working.

    1. Naijaonpoint.com says

      What link please?

  6. Adam says

    Hurry up please.

    1. Naijaonpoint.com says

      Hurry on what please?

  7. sam says

    hi, no one of the five link work, fix them please.

    1. Naijaonpoint.com says

      What link Please?

  8. Sam says

    To informe you the links of the animation steven universe
    Are all not working so, can you fix them please ?

  9. Sam says

    Can you fix all the link of the animation steven universe as soon as possible becuse they are not working ?

  10. Adam says

    Sorry. I mean the link of steven universe season 3

  11. John says

    PLEASE. Can you fix the links of steven universe, they are all not working? “-” as soon as possible

    1. Naijaonpoint.com says

      it wlll be reuploaded soon

  12. John says

    Hi, sorry ,but when you will reupload the episodes of steven universe?

  13. Sam says

    Please fix link of Star wars Rebels season 3 and 4

    1. Naijaonpoint.com says

      Ok Thanks …

  14. Dan says

    can u fix dragon prince season 3 link?

    1. Naijaonpoint.com says

      Link please?

  15. Anna says

    The links on the witcher season 1 doesn’t work

    1. Naijaonpoint.com says

      the links has been fixed ….

  16. Eric says

    Unable to download Messiah season 1. Saying “Can’t download on this browser, use our MEGA APP”

    1. Naijaonpoint.com says

      All links are working very well try using another browser to download

  17. Andrew says

    the purge season 1 720p is taken down from mega.

    1. Naijaonpoint.com says

      Its been fixed ….

  18. adam lick says

    season 1 of the crown says file empty

  19. jide says

    can’t download my hero academia

  20. Darren D says

    Request Law & Order 1990+ or Law Order Criminal Intent 2001-10 Old Shows Hard Find Links still Work
    Heartland Season 8 Complete – Download links Get )404 ) CODE show NO URL ?
    Heartland Season 9 Complete
    Heartland Season 10 Complete
    THESE NOT Been Able Locate Web Past 5mo 480p Mkv Links Farda.dl & TagName Fails Not able watch Rest Season #8 Ep8-18 And Se9 Eps#01-18 Ands 10 Eps #01-18 & The Last Se#13 Eps#01-10 So Please If U Is able Can U offer Any of these Grateful So Pretty Please Fix Any Broken 480p Links Well Thanks for ur Time & Any May Help mite Offer

  21. darren d says

    Covert Affairs Season 1-5 Complete 480hdtv Links N/a Like see Se1 & 3 And 4th So Please Fix Thanks
    Also Able Fix Broken Links HeartLand Ca Tv Series Se08-13 Complete 480p Link Well Thanks Again Time All The Help site Many great Tv shows

  22. Carl says

    Links of Elite season 2 is not working. Can you please fix it?

  23. Aman says

    Arrow season 1-link broken…plz fix it..

  24. Kala Cruz Young says

    Cant download arrow

  25. Page says

    can’t download the Wanted (Australian series)

  26. BASIL says


  27. emmanuel says

    can’t download Intelligence season 1?????????

  28. Nnadozie says

    I can’t download/find the file for ninjak vs the valiant universe

  29. Davidobadiah says

    I tried to download season 4 of “the royals” but I keep getting an error message saying “unable to access documents due to insufficient network” but my network is very ok as I have just downloaded season 3 of same TV show.

  30. Laura says

    Hi, neither file for purge season 1 is available anymore ?

  31. Cassie says

    Cant download Blue Mountain State. Links for Season 1,2&3 not working. It says 404 error.

  32. Anki says

    Perception series links not working!!!!!!

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