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T.B Joshua Declares His Readiness To Pray & Heal Covid-19 Patients

Popular Nigerian man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua has declared that he is ready to pray and heal people who have been infected by the Covid-19 disease.

The prophet in a live broadcast said the Nigerian government to “organise those who are in isolation” and “arrange how to connect with his virtually via ‘Emmanuel TV’ so as to receive their healings.

“The blessing of Jesus is for those who knock and ask,” he said in the announcement, adding: “In whatever way you support to make this happen, we are a team; we are not doing more than you.”

“Together, we shall pray for them. Together we shall be set free from this COVID-19,” the statement continued, quoting the Biblical reference in Luke 4:40, where Jesus healed “all who had various kinds of sickness after the mass prayer”.

“The same anointing that heals one is also able to heal all at the same time,” it added, calling on all interested parties to contact the church via their email address [email protected]”

T.B Joshua was publicly ridiculed earlier this year after his prophecy about the virus disappearing on March 27 did not come true.




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