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The Fastest Way To Become Rich Is To Start Doing These 5 Things

A lot of us desire to be rich in life, many people are always praying for God to grant them riches in all spheres of life. No doubt, it is indeed a good prayer because this thing called finance can become a problem at times.

However, it is one thing to be rich and it is another thing to stay rich. Some people get money but it doesn’t last in their hands for long. Although, there are spiritual powers that can cause such problems, most times our negative habits too can sponsor such afflictions in our lives.

Hence, for those who desire to be rich and stay rich, I have decided to compose this article to show you five things, you should start doing to become rich. One advantage of these things is it will also increase the speed of your journey to wealth; although, great things take time, our knowledge of principles or secrets can increase our speed of progress in life.

5) Stop saving money:

Many individuals love saving money like life depends on it. One reason is because they feel one need or the other might arise. It is good to save money, however in an economy where inflation is a common event; it is usually meaningless to save money at times.

I didn’t say you should not save money, am saying never live a life depending on life savings. This is because what N5,000 can buy today will not be affordable with the same amount tomorrow.

The prices of things keep rising so be careful how you are saving, instead start investing your money. A man once said that if you are not earning even while you are sleeping, then wealth is not yet in sight.

4) Turn your skills to streams of income

Every skill you have is a potential source or stream of income. There are a lot of people who are highly gifted and talented, but waste those gifts and skills on frivolities.

Everything you need to succeed in life has already been put inside you, you just need to acquire the required knowledge on how to use them.

Stop complaining about the government and use the skills God gave you to start creating a good financial future for your life.

3) Stop living on debts

A lot of people love owing people. It’s very bad, it is hard to gain financial freedom when you are in debts. Debts have a way of limiting your financial freedom and putting you always on the spending side.

Whatever you cannot afford should not be bought. Be proud of yourself and your level as you continue to desire God’s help in your financial situation. The Bible even said the borrower is slave to the lender. You must not borrow to survive, live within your own means.

2) Start calculating your profit and loss

They usually say don’t fight battles that have no rewards. Even David enquired what shall be done for killing Goliath.

Before you enter that business, calculate the profit in it. Will it compensate your expenses or cannot match it.

At times we just do things casually without settling down to calculate if such things will profit us whether on earth or in heaven. Learn to calculate the rewards of every action you are trying to take, especially in the area of investing.

1) Start Paying your tithe

Tithe paying is the fastest way to financial freedom. If you don’t pay your tithe, you have a leaking pocket. This is why that tithe money will still be spent on dangerous expenses.

It’s better you pay your tithe so God can be happy with you and help you in life; but, if you decide to be sturrborn as many have become; then forget it, wealth may not be possible.




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