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“They Told Me That The Super Cup Is The Icing On The Cake”

Bayern Munich manager, Hansi Flick, spoke to UEFA about the Champions League, the Super Cup and the German team’s style.

The manager knows that the match against Sevilla will be difficult, but also that it would be “the icing on the cake”.

Bayern Munich started the Bundesliga by scoring 8 goals against Schalke 04. Hansi Flick spoke to UEFA about various topics such as the Champions League, the Super Cup, and their play style.

“I’ve been told that the Super Cup is the icing on the cake. Our goal is clear and we want to win this game. The same goes for Sevilla. It will be a complicated game because we’ve both had little rest, but I hope we haven’t lost anything in terms of our stamina and physical condition. It’s a new beginning and we will adapt to the absence of Coutinho, Thiago, Perisic, or Odriozola,” said Hansi Flick.

The Bayern manager showed his happiness over the Champions League but doesn’t want to dwell on the past but on what is yet to come this season: “We did an impressive job, but it is in the past and now we have to make sure we play good football, the same successful football in the new season. Of course, it is difficult to defend the title, but we have accepted the challenge and one of our goals is to go as far as possible. We’re taking it one step at a time”.

“We want to have the ball and when we have the possession we want to finish with determination. I don’t see why we should change our philosophy and style because it suits us. Sané is a player who opens up new options for us, although he hasn’t reached 100% yet and we are going to give him time,” finished Hansi Flick speaking about his style and Sané.




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