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Thomas Lemar Could Leave To Bayern

Atletico Madrid wants to let Thomas Lemar go and Bayern have offered to take the Frenchman. But, according to ‘Goal’, the clubs do not agree on how.

The German club wants a loan, but Atletico prefer a transfer or, as a last resort, a loan but with an obligation to buy the player.

October 5th is the deadline for selling or signing players. The coming days will be frantic with activity.

The Madrid side, for example, are still hoping to get rid of some players. There is still a lot of work to do to facilitate Lemar’s exit.

The latest party to take an interest in the Frenchman was Bayern. Atletico would be in talks with the German club because of Lemar.

According to ‘Goal’, the two clubs have a good relationship. But there is one thing on which they disagree: on what terms Lemar will go to Bayern.

At Bayern they want him on loan. At Atletico they are in favour of a transfer. At most, they would consider a loan, but as long as it came with an obligation to purchase the player on Bayern’s part once the loan period was over.

‘Goal’ also says that Atletico would agree to give up Lemar with a purchase clause of 25 million. Now all that remains is for Bayern to agree to these numbers.




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