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Top and Trendy African Women’s Fashion Style and Design 2020

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Top and Trendy African Women’s Fashion Style and Design 2020

African women are one of the most fashionable women on earth. Thanks to ever-evolving trends and the dynamism of the continent’s fashion designers. There is no limit to the fashion styles and designs that are available for women in 2020. There has also been an increase in the appreciation and demand for African fashion designs, especially from the western world.


This post outlines the top and trendy women’s fashion style and design for the year. Irrespective of your body orientation, features and complexion, we have something for you!


1. Boho Gown





The boho dress is one of the most recent introductions into the African fashion scene. While it is most suited for Ankara fabric, it can also go well with Kente or Kitenge materials. The cohesiveness of this design is breath-taking. So many elements are introduced to make this dress, and everything is held together in one piece! It fits just about any occasion that you have – work, school, party, dinner and even dates! Whatever the occasion, you simply cannot go wrong with the Boho dress.


2. Ankara Wrap Dress





This dress is all shades of amazing. Made from fine Ankara fabric, the alluring patterns add beauty and elegance to your appearance. It can be used for a wide variety of occasions: casual, semi-formal, travel, etc.


3. Mermaid-themed Maxi Dress





Imagine combining the idea of a maxi dress with a mermaid theme. What you get is a ravishing look that is impossible to turn away from. This mermaid-themed maxi dress comes in both sleeved and sleeveless variants. With a relatively seductive neckline, this dress will emphasize your femininity. Kill off the look with appropriate accessories.


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4. African Kimono





The kimono originated from Japan but has now become a global fashion element. The African print kimono even takes it a notch further. The bright colours and beautiful patterns make it a must-have item for the fashion enthusiasts.


5. Tube Gown with Flare Bottom






After nearly a decade of dominance in the African fashion scene, I think it’s fair to say that tube gowns are here to stay. This beautiful Ankara tube gown with a flair bottom is a beauty to behold. Not only is it very comfortable, elegant but also simple, easy to make. It is applicable to a wide range of contexts.


6. African Party Dress




This dress is a subtle modification of the tube gown with flair bottom. The difference is in the sleeves and the neckline. While the former features an open neck and back, this comes with a turtle-neck design and long sleeves. If you have slight reservations about the open-back tube gown, then this party dress will be just fine for you.


7. Kente Mini Dress






This hot new dress is for the bold, daring and courageous. If you are shy or reserved, please scroll to the next dress; but if you aren’t, then here’s something for you. The Kente mini dress, all the way from francophone West Africa helps to effectively emphasize your sexuality. It works for all categories of body sizes, though plus-sized women will find this terrific.


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8. Simple ‘Nkem’ Gown with Head tie



One of the salient truths that I have personally come to appreciate about women’s fashion is this: simple is powerful. The most gorgeous looks do not always require tons of accessories and multi-dimensional designs and patterns to look great. This simple ‘Nkem’ dress embodies this reality. Native to the Igbos in Eastern Nigeria, this dress is the easiest way to look high-class on a busy day!


9. The Little Annie Dress





Okay, this looks a little like Cinderella in African wax clothes, but what is it anyway? If pretty Cindy were to be alive today, I’d bet she would love to try on some of these beautiful designs too! The best way to describe this style is: ‘loose-fitting, flare mini gown.’ The stylish waist belt is for those who want some fastening around the tummy line, but other than that this dress is hot and just right for you!


10. Half-shoulder, Ankara Maxi Gown





This is one dress that turns heads wherever you find yourself. The combination of half-shoulder style on a maxi gown, all made with Ankara or any other kind of African fabric is a beauty to behold. Leave your spectators stunned by including a high slit down the front of the dress.

But please be careful about putting this on in public spaces; you just never know who might get distracted and fall into trouble just because of your look. Really!


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All these designs have ruled the year and look to continue their dominance in the months and years to come.




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