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What is the State of the Football Betting Industry in Nigeria?

Football in Nigeria is the most popular sport and dates back to the early 1920s. Football was introduced by Great Britain during the times of the British colonisation and although we cannot be 100% sure of when the very first official football match took place in the African country, it has been evidenced that the Nigeria Football organisation was established in 1933.

The reasons why Nigerians love their football are very simple. First of all, playing football is a natural skill for many of them and because Nigerian football players are extremely talented, they often play for important UK and European clubs. Nigerians love having fun and entertain themselves and they do so even when they wager, especially on football matches and cups, on which you can bet here. Also, football is seen as a sport capable of really bringing the nation together and this unity is truly felt when they cheer for their favourite clubs competing for the Nigeria Premier League and of course during the World Cup.

Sport betting in Nigeria has been on the rise mainly for the last 5 years and it is constantly contributing to the country’s prosperity and growth. Sport betting in Nigeria is currently worth $2 billion and it is still growing thanks to the widespread use of smartphones and mobile phones. The young generations are very open and eager to adopt the latest technologies and are indeed the biggest target for the online betting providers and one of the main reasons that makes them decide to penetrate the Nigerian market.

PwC and KPMG, two of the big 5 consulting firms in the world, have both carried out studies estimating that the sportsbook industry in Nigeria is steadily growing around 16% per year and will eventually be bigger than other already strong and established African markets like Kenya and South Africa. This is not surprising as there are about 169 million registered mobile phones in the African country alone, and 100 million internet users, 80% of which have internet services on their mobile devices.

For this reason, many online sport betting operators have already formed partnerships with telecom companies to allow Nigerian mobile phone users to better access their internet services. With all the above in mind, 22Bet has decided to enter the Nigerian market by focussing mainly on football betting, the most popular and watched sport in the country. The online sportsbook operator offers a wide range of betting options, great odds and it is also very attentive to the social, cultural and political aspects of sports in general. The website covers a great number of jurisdictions, is offered in many languages, currencies and local payment methods. 




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