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Why You May Develop Cancer, If You Keep Doing These Things. “No 5 Is A Must See For All”.

Cancer is a disease caused by changes in ones gene leading to uncontrolled growth in ones cell and also the formation of tumor. There are so many types of cancer but here are a few, we would like to mention; Lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer and so on.

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There are so many of them, but today we would like to focus on certain things we do that invite the disease to start growing in our body.

1) Drinking too much alcohol: Too much alcohol is known to to be bad for the body, as it can cause changes in ones gene.

Photo Credit: Research gate

2) Diet: It is very important to feed properly and watch what we eat. Eating of balanced diet, eating enough fruits and vagetables is also encouraged to fight some of these cancer cells that may be growing in our body. Eating a balanced meal would also build immunity and keep one healthy.

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3) Avoid smoking and Tobacco: Smoking is dangerous to the body, it is one of the leading causes of cancer. Wherever smoke touches the body, it causes harm to it.The poison in cigarette weakens your immune system. Hence, why all cigarette adverts ends with “all smokers are laible to die young”, hence you asked to buy it and smoke at your own risk.

Photo Credit: Encyclopedia Brittanica

4) Sunlight: Exposing ones skin too much to sunlight is another way of developing skin cancer. We should learn to cover up properly especially when the sun is really up.

Photo Credit:Cancer research UK.

5) Exercise: The importance of exercise cannot be over empasised for our overall well being. In almost all my articles about health, there has been a regular mention of exercising properly and regularly. At least for 30 mins in a day.

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Cellophine bags: Avoid packing hot foods in cellophine bags or using them to process any food on fire. This is because, chemicals from them can melt into the food you eat and it will become cancerous to your body. E.g moi moi, okpa, hot akara and so on.

Properly washed banana or plantain leaves is better, as stated by NAFDAC.

These are not the only causes of cancer, old age could also be a factor, gene, radiation, certain work hazards also. But these are easily prevented, if we do the right thing.

Stay healthy and stay safe, remember “the future needs you”.




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